It is recommended not to install directly into your operating system’s Python using sudo since it may break your system. Instead, you should install Anaconda, which is a Python distribution that makes installing Python packages much easier or use virtualenv or venv.

Short version

  • Anaconda users: conda install -c conda-forge vaex

  • Regular Python users using virtualenv: pip install vaex

  • Regular Python users (not recommended): pip install --user vaex

  • System install (not recommended): sudo pip install vaex

Longer version

If you don’t want all packages installed, do not install the vaex package. The vaex package is a meta packages that depends on all other vaex packages so it will instal them all, but if you don’t need astronomy related parts (vaex-astro), or don’t care about graphql (vaex-graphql), you can leave out those packages. Copy paste the following lines and remove what you do not need:

  • Regular Python users: pip install vaex-core vaex-viz vaex-jupyter vaex-server vaex-hdf5 vaex-astro vaex-ml

  • Anaconda users: conda install -c conda-forge vaex-core vaex-viz vaex-jupyter vaex-server vaex-hdf5 vaex-astro vaex-ml

For developers

If you want to work on vaex for a Pull Request from the source, use the following recipe:

  • git clone --recursive # make sure you get the submodules

  • cd vaex

  • make sure the dev versions of pcre are installed (e.g. conda install -c conda-forge pcre)

  • install using (note: if you’re on Windows, make sure that your command line/terminal has administrator privileges):

  • make init or pip install -e ".[dev]" (again, use (ana)conda or virtualenv/venv)

  • If you want to do a PR

  • git remote rename origin upstream

  • (now fork on github)

  • git remote add origin

  • … edit code … (or do this after the next step)

  • git checkout -b feature_X

  • git commit -a -m "new: some feature X"

  • git push origin feature_X

  • git checkout master

  • Get your code in sync with upstream

  • git checkout master

  • git fetch upstream

  • git merge upstream/master