Big data made simple

Data science solutions, insights, dashboards, machine learning, deployment. We start at 100GB.


At we aim to democratize big data and make it available to anyone, on any machine, at any scale.

Be Agile

Cut developement time by 80%. Your prototype is your solution. Create automatic pipelines for any model.

Make Impact

Improve your business right away. Deploy your models to Amazon Web Services or Google Cloud Platform with a single command.

Be Resourceful

Empower your data scientists. Turn any laptop into a big data powerhouse. No clusters, no engineers.


We offer a range of consultancy and training services. Contact us to find out more.


We provide reliable and fast data driven solutions. With our state-of-the-art technology we build and deploy machine learning models faster than anyone on the market.


Turn your data scientist into big data engineers. We provide comprehensive training of your employees, enabling you to take full advantage of our technology.


Are you interested in vaex and our team, and would like to get involved? Contact us if you have any ideas on how we can help each other and make our dreams grow together.


Harness the full power of our very own vaex library.


Builds on top of the Python data science stack (e.g. pandas, scikit-learn, arrow, xgboost, lightgbm). Standard API makes for easy adoption. Tailored for the Jupyter environment.


Combines memory mapping, a sophisticated expression system, and fast out-of-core algorithms. Efficiently visualize and explore big datasets, and build machine learning models on a single machine.

Rapid Delivery

The expression system makes everything serializable, including the machine learning models. A Jupyter notebook prototype becomes a production pipeline instantly, easily deployed with a single command.


Visualize 1 billion samples per second. PCA transformation is x10 faster compared to standard implementations, processing 1 billion samples in 2 minutes. Fully out-of-core.

Free one hour consulting

If you have questions regarding vaex, and have serious interest in using vaex in your business or privately,we can offer one hour of free consulting.


The perfect balance between industry and research experience.

Maarten Breddels, PhD

Jovan Veljanoski, PhD

Yonatan Alexander


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