Duration: 39 mins
January 19, 2022

Uncluster your data science using Vaex

Would you like to build an snappy dashboard visualising hundreds of millions of data points, or interactively explore hundreds of Gigabytes of data, all of that using a single machine?

Meet Vaex - an out of core DataFrame library in Python that can do all the typical data manipulations, filtering, and aggregations on a billion rows in real time & on a single computer. This approach empowers your team and allows them to focus much more on the business problem, as it removes the large DevOps overhead of configuring and maintaining a cluster.

Vaex fully supports Apache Arrow, which both facilitates the interoperability with other systems and enables storage and manipulation of more complex data structures like lists and dicts.

Presented by:

    • Jovan Veljanoski
      Founder of vaex.io
    • Maarten Breddels
      Founder of vaex.io