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Horse racing

Beyond Pandas - Spark, Dask, Vaex and other big data tech battling head to head

API and performance comparison on a billion rows dataset. What should you use?

Jonathan Alexander Jonathan Alexander
10 min read
Car on highway

7 reasons why I love Vaex for data science

Tips and tricks for using Vaex.

Jovan Veljanoski Jovan Veljanoski
6 min read
Tom Cruise trying to do machine learning without Vaex. (Copyright: Paramount Pictures)

Train a billion sample model in 5 minutes on your laptop using Vaex

Make your laptop feel like a supercomputer.

Jovan Veljanoski Jovan Veljanoski
15 min read
Taxi in NYC

How to analyse 100s of GBs of data on your laptop with Python

Your laptop is way more powerful than you think.

Jovan Veljanoski Jovan Veljanoski
15 min read
Plane taking off

Flying high with Vaex

analysis of over 30 years of flight data in Python

Jovan Veljanoski Jovan Veljanoski
13 min read
Vaexโ€™ strings are super fast, not related to M-theory yet

A DataFrame with super-strings

Speed up your text processing up to a 1000x

Maarten Breddels Maarten Breddels
7 min read
1,008,842,985 taxi dropoff location visualized in 1 second with vaex.

Out of Core Dataframes for Python and Fast Visualization

1 billion row datasets on your laptop

Maarten Breddels Maarten Breddels
8 min read